Shark Spartan Is the LATEST shell. 1 SHARK SKIN peak side fastenings :- Active reduction of whistling noise. Double Spoiler with incorporated air Extractors. Pin lock Max Visor Visor a standard Feature. Fastening :- Double D. Anti scratch Sun Visor like most of other Shark Visors. Very Easy to Change the Visor. Fully Removable and […]


SHARK SPARTAN GT CARBON FULL FACE HELMET. The new reference among GT Sport helmets. The SPARTAN GT, our brand-new fiber composite full-face helmet, features SHARKs latest innovations and expertise acquired over the years. The combination of fiber and carbon layers, associated with the Multi-Density EPS, offers the highest level of protection. The SPARTAN GT has […]


Shark Spartan Motorcycle Helmet. 1- Double spoiler with incorporated air extractors: optimization of the aerodynamic trail and internal cooling. 2- “SHARK skin” peak side fastenings: passive reduction of aerodynamic noise. 3- Autoseal system: flattens the visor onto the helmet, offers better soundproofing and seals the helmet (against water and cold). Shark Spartan Key Features. Peak […]